Letter to EU Brussels

Dear friends,

What we can see right now is an terrible ecological disaster for genetic varieties among food crops and you seem that you would like to worsen the situation by further regulation that will kill small seed breeders and seed companies that can not afford any registration costs at all.

You should remember that genetic diversity is our greatest gift from nature. Killing that is a threat against humanity.

At present real named varieties are reducing in numbers with great speed due to the fact that small seed companies are closing or get brought up by bigger. International seed companies work hard (Monzanto) to get rid of all genetic variations so it can be replaced with their F1 hybrids, preferable with terminator genes and only a few varieties that they decide that should be grown with their pesticides and possible also their synthetic fertilisers. Of cause those crops should be suitable for the large main growers and not for salty soils, or far north or those with poor soils.

Those companies have blood on their hands from India where they fooled the farmers to give up their own old low yield crops working with little fertilisers and no pesticides for Monzanto’s high yielding crops. Result 1000:s have carried out suicide by drinking pesticides because costs were much higher than income. Monzanto have also prosecuted poor farmers because their gene manipulated corn pollen has contaminated poor farmers old reliable varieties. Many more negative things could be mentioned.

Your proposal for our vegetable seeds seems to work hand in hand with companies like Monzanto. Result will be fewer varieties and less seed companies. You might get blood on your hands.

F1 hybrids is not a variety and it comes and disappears normally fast. Seed companies decide when they come and go.

If this will continue as now we will soon have only few varieties of each kind of vegetables with very narrow genetic background. This is very, very bad since diseases will come and with a genetic narrow base those varieties are in true danger.

You could of cause protect yourself by saying we have government gene banks like Vavilov in Russia and Svalbard. I recommend you to visit Vavilov institute and look at their crops without much money, with viruses, and do not know if they are there tomorrow. I have received seeds from Swedish gene bank not germinating, too old and I know seeds will change genetically if stored during a long time. I have seen gene banks in other countries too, not getting enough funds and where they have to cut down on their work. This is very bad. What is gone regarding genes can never come back.

Sweden is a long country and soon only people in the south can grow tomatoes and some other crops due to the fact that those varieties that is suitable for their climate will very soon not exist any more. That will say if we do not start importing seeds from Russia.

If you were clever you should work hard to have living gene banks for seeds, let the people grow a wide diversity, register new varieties free of charge if you need to register anything. Promote those who keep large genetic diversity, that produce seeds to the north, to salty soils and poor soils.

However to commercial growers I agree that a controlled seed procedure would be good. Not like we have today where seeds can come with virus (tomatoes). For a grower it is important to know that seeds are free from diseases and of right variety.

Please be clever and do not let future people see you as those who killed a lot of genetic diversity and caused lack of food for people.

We need to think in complete new ways to ensure food in future. We have to stop spraying since this is genetically developing diseases and also give a lot of people cancer. We will not have cheap synthetic fertilisers in future so we need varieties that can manage with low levels and so on.

I wish you the best luck but remember many people are very upset about the restrictions and this may result in actions. It will also make EU more unpopular.

With best regards

Åke Truedsson